The Westminster Model - Further Reading

The indivisibility and mutual dependence of Minsters and civil servants mean that officials must also work within the laws, conventions and rules summarised in:

Civil servants are employed by the Crown under the Royal Prerogative and powers delegated under the Prerogative and under various Acts, regulations, instructions etc. The most important of these are:

Further information about the Orders in Council etc. may be obtained from the Government's official civil service website.

There is good general guidance in "Propriety and Audit in the Public Sector" published by the NAO-chaired Public Audit Forum in August 2001.

Lady Hale's 2017 speech The UK Constitution on the Move includes a very nice summary of the UK constitution, although she doesn't touch on the role of the Civil Service.

Detailed guidance is available in the following documents, all on the Cabinet Office or Treasury web sites.

Cabinet Office

HM Treasury


Martin Stanley


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