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You might like to begin by reading some Useful Quotations before writing or saying something about the civil service.


This Section contains various tongue-in-cheek advice about working in the UK Civil Service.

Interesting Characters

Follow this link to read about some amazing women civil servants.

And click here to read about some other interesting and influential civil servants.

Other Bits and Pieces

A note about civil servants and others speaking out - i.e. publicising their personal views when (maybe) they shouldn't.

The history of the Board of Trade - and the President of the Board of Trade.

The Civil Service and the People - a fascinating book published in 1945

Jo Moore and Martin Sixsmith - Friction between a Special Adviser and her department's Head of Communications

A note explaining the background to the death of Dr David Kelly.

Rebuilding Trust - a 2007 article by ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord Wilson, and readers' generally critical comments.

Christopher Jary's review of Jill Knight's The Civil Service Rifles in the Great War.

(I also recommend Duncan Barrett's Men of Letters which records the sacrifices made by the men of the Post Office Rifles in the First World War.  1,500 (what were then) civil servants were killed in the trenches.

Brexit - Negotiations and Implementation



Martin Stanley

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