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In order to improve their accessibility and readability, the most popular parts of the Understanding the Civil Service and Understanding Regulation websites are being republished as PDFs, Kindle eBooks and slim paperbacks.

I strongly encourage you to join my free subscription service through which you will be notified whenever I publish new or substantially amended material.  You will also receive free PDF versions of most publications.  Alternatively, you can download PDFs via Etsy for only £1.00 each..

If you prefer reading eBooks then please try the Kindle versions of these publications. They are currently only £2.50 except for How to be a Civil Servant,

The slim 'Long Read' paperbacks are nicely designed and printed, and will in due course comprise an attractive set.  Printing and distribution costs mean that I cannot price them below £4.90, but they provide a great way to have their information permanently  and quickly available.


The above titles are published by Richborne Publishing:- the business name used by Martin Stanley.   Its email address is and its postal address is 68 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX.

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