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This is a list of official publications and other interesting material on this website, together with a list of books written by civil servants describing their work.   Please do not hesitate to email Martin Stanley if you cannot find the document that you need, or if you have an interesting document which might be added to this site.

( BGI = Better Government Initiative,  CARR = Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation,  CSPL = Committee on Standards in Public Life,  HoC = House of Commons,  IfG = Institute for Government,  IPPR = Institute for Public Policy ResearchMoD = Ministry of Defence,  NAO = National Audit Office, ONS = Office for National Statistics,  OPSR = Office of Public Services Reform,  PACAC = Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee,  PASC = Public Administration Select Committee,  PIU = Performance and Innovation Unit,  SRO = Senior Responsible Officer)

Official Codes and Guidance

Other interesting, though now somewhat dated, documents are

Statistics etc

These files are Excel or Open Source spreadsheets which should download to your computer. If asked, click "Don't Update":

Parliamentary and Government Reports etc.

Important Think Tank etc. Reports

Better Policy Making

Several useful documents are listed here.

Special Advisers

(CSPL = Committee on Standards in Public Life, IfG = Institute for Government, PASC = Public Administration Select Committee)

Ministerial Directions

Women in Whitehall

Other Material

Previous (superseded) Versions of Above Documents

Books Written by Civil Servants which describe their work

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