Civil Service Reform - History

I have prepared a number of notes which provide a detailed account of, and commentary on, civil service reform activity from 1854 to the present day. They may be accessed via the links listed below.

This website also contains transcripts of interviews conducted by the Mile End Group in 2013/14 with the six Cabinet Secretaries who were in post from 1979.  They provide useful background to the changes that took place in and around the civil service during those years.  Links to the transcripts may be found at the end of this web page.

Please note that it would be best to read the introductory material elsewhere on this website before reading these detailed notes. 

These pages are an important resource for those interested in the UK civil service. Please therefore do not hesitate to send me corrections, documents, images, information and material which could usefully be added to any of the above notes.

Interviews with Cabinet Secretaries

Martin Stanley

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